IHL pride ourselves on creating real social value for citizens, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which we do business. By making new investments that build social return, create employment and wealth for society, the Company has a long-term vision to achieve a better future without compromising present results.   

Our Approach

The Company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is to proactively identify and manage any risks and opportunities affecting the resilience of our business over the long term. Our objective is to offer best-in-class service, while utilising environmentally-friendly energy sources, innovating to increase social return.

IHL own a number of hotels which operate under a franchise agreement with a major international hotel group, such as InterContinental Hotel Group (“IHG”) and Hilton. IHL ensure all hotels fully comply with these global brands CSR requirements.

Resilient Governance

IHL will uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviours and actively support our workforce. IHL seeks to operate in a manner that fosters open stakeholder engagement and demonstrates best practice in social and environmental risk management.

Our approach to maintaining these commitments includes:

  • Ensuring all employees receive an appropriate level of training
  • Maintaining good practice in H&S management
  • Operating a robust data management system
  • Commitment to a culture of openness
  • Complying with all applicable regulation and preparing for anticipated future regulation
  • Disclosing the management of social and environmental risks and opportunities


With respect to our employees, IHL will:

  • Ensure that no job applicant or employee is discriminated against
  • Treat all individuals in business fairly and equally
  • Promote staff training and development to foster innovation
  • Seek to diversify our workforce to reflect the nature of the Company’s operations
  • Recognize our social and moral duty to offer opportunities to people with disabilities
  • Uphold our commitments under the Code of Ethics.


IHL will uphold its commitment by:

  • Ensuring key environmental risks are well managed
  • Monitoring and measuring our resource consumption to identify efficiencies

Communities And Suppliers

Working with third party service providers to ensure they are meeting CSR requirements, IHL will engage with and contribute to charity and community initiatives on an ongoing basis.