Interim dividend finalisation announcement May 2017

IHL shareholders are referred to the announcement released on 3 May 2017 wherein they were advised that the Company had approved an interim dividend of 2.2 pence per share in respect of the six months ending 28 February 2017.

Shareholders are now advised that the conversion rate is GBP1: ZAR 17.55200. Therefore, the dividend of 2.2 pence per share will equal 38.61440 ZAR cents per share.

The information provided in this paragraph is only of direct application to shareholders on the South African share register. The interim dividend should be regarded as a ‘foreign dividend’ for South African income tax and dividends tax purposes. The gross local dividend amount is 38.61440 ZAR cents per share for shareholders exempt from paying South African dividends tax. The net local dividend amount is 30.89152 ZAR cents per share for shareholders liable to pay South African dividends tax at a rate of 20%.

The salient dates for the payment of the dividend as published in the announcement on 3 May 2017 remain unchanged.


Interim dividend finalisation announcement